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World Microblading Training Academy has a group of the best make-up artists to teach you everything you need to become a successful Microblading practitioner.

Is Microblading is The Best Choice For You?

The fashion industry is continuously raising up its standards and technological advancements pushes it more to a higher pedestal. Eyebrows microblading is one such miracle of modern technology that makes the feathery tattoo look realistic.

Why microblading?

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are desired by many, but they are not an easy foot, only a chosen few are gifted with a beautifully crafted natural pair while others have dense or sparse hair which are either mismatched in shape or over plucked by the beauticians at salon. So, pinning Hope’s on microblading is a better choice.

Eyebrows microblading is a technique that designs semi-permanent tattoos which employs real brush strokes to give more realistic and hair-like appearance that matches the best.

Facts and queries about eyebrows microblading :-

  1. Is microblading safe ?

    • Yes, microblading is safe and is almost a painless event but if pricking of needles makes you squeamish then too you don’t need to worry because numbing cream is applied throughout the procedure and before making any incisions on your brow line.

    • Pain tolerance is different with different people, but it doesn't feel more than tiny scratches etched on the brow line.

    • Anxiety and fear are obvious for the first-time users but it’s not that bad as expected.


  2. How long does it last ?


    • Eyebrows microblading does not last forever as it makes use of semi-permanent tattoo. It may last anywhere from three to twelve months or one to 3 years depending on the quality of pigment used, though it requires a touch-up every month to maintain its color and shape.

    • The tiny needles used in microblading doesn't penetrate the skin deeply because of which the ink from microbladed eyebrow fades away.


  3. Selection of a microblader.

    • Selecting a microblader is very important because not all microbladers are created equal so there is no need to get the best deal offer or book the cheapest artist since the best bet would be going to the right person in first place.

    • Select an esthetician or cosmetologist that possesses a background in skincare and is certified by the concerned authorities.


  4. How long does the microblading procedure take?


It is a simple two session procedure which includes the initial appointment and the follow-ups.

● Initial appointment:- This session takes about a couple of hours where the tattoo artist does the clientele documentation and identifies the natural brow shape along with the underlying skin tones so that she can design eyebrows that best matches your face shape.


The tattoo artist will ask you about your eyebrows preferences and accordingly she will map out the brow shape which is thick or thin, arched or subtle based on your facial symmetry.


● The follow-ups :- This session is done one to three months later which gives ample of time to the skin healing process, another touch-up is given to maintain the color and strokes.


  1. How much is the cost of microblading?


Microblading may charge anywhere between $400(USD) to $800(USD) for the entire procedure and $200(USD) to $400(USD) for monthly touch-ups.


  1. Following after-care and healing instructions.


    • Your brow area might turn pinkish and swollen because of the needle strokes so the healing in first week is crucial.

    • Avoid steamy showers and rigorous exercises at gym because sweat can change the pigment color.

    • Avoid outdoor events and always apply sunscreen to prevent tattoo fading.

    • Avoid use of exfoliants and acid-based skin products.

    • Apply aquaphor or Vaseline to your brows to safeguard against harsh chemicals.

    • Access your health before opting for microblading because complications may occur if you are diabetics or if you are on blood thinning medications which may result in excessive bleeding.


You can book your appointment with Worldmicroblading because it is Americas number one microblading academy. Stashing away the salon visits was never so easy but before opting for microblading consider the various aspects and consult with your physician if microblading is the best choice for you, it’s always a better decision to look beautiful in a safe way.

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America's number one microblading Academy.

Empowerment is one of the most trending topics in our modern world. Empowerment gives an individual the power to live life on one’s own beliefs, the ability to take their own decisions and on a serious note it gives financial independence. We have always been dwelling in a patriarchal society which is gradually evolving into a matriarchal one where the governance belongs to women and this was made possible only through women empowerment.

Financial dependency is next to slavery, a bonded labor where you work round the clock without any respectable monetary gains and work appraisal. One such example in our daily life is the stay at home moms or the homemakers, who serve their entire time in their children’s upbringing and running daily errands regarding house maintenance. Most of the time their effort is ignored, and their job is regarded lower in status, their hard work and experience don’t count because it lacks in any sorts of monetary gains.

People always belittle stay at home moms whenever they could which leads to their low self-esteem and even lower self-worth. Staying at home and taking care of the house is always considered the easiest job undertaken by women as compared to the professionals in the corporate world. The only reason is their job is non-monetary. Every job done in the corporate world has a monetary value which gives the players of the corporate world a higher degree of respect and terms them as the “Breadwinners” of their families.

Stay at home moms and housewives are constantly craving for financial independence and self-recognition but their low self-confidence doesn’t allow them to undertake any professional task of the corporate world despite their qualifications and talents.


The founder of WorldMicroblading Academy had envisioned empowerment to such ladies who are willing to create their own identity in an artistic way and uncover their talents in the corporate world. Eyebrows microblading is the hottest trends in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Eyebrows microblading training does not require:

  • Any graduate degree or other qualifications.
  • Past experience of tattooing.
  • Longer duration in course completion.
  • Higher amounts of investment or course fees.

Professionals at Worldmicroblading provide eyebrows microblading training in the US where they run 3 days basic level and 5 days intensive level crash courses. Their course structure includes:

  • Clientele documentation.
  • Identification of underlying skin tones.
  • Dual blade technique for eyebrows microblading and 6D hyper-realistic eyebrows.
  • Live models to practice on and personalized professional guidance which includes lifetime care and support.
  • Coaching in all major cities of the United States.

You can book your free slot online from their websitewww.Worldmicroblading.com and post your queries to their helpdesk.

microblading training3

By becoming a professional microblading practitioner even a newbie can make a promising future and get the highest paid job in the permanent makeup industry. Your job won’t be underpaid, and a new identity will be crafted, so enjoy your financial independence by getting trained by America’s number one microblading Academy and join the community of like-minded entrepreneurs, rediscover your abilities and boost your self-confidence, because you are worth it! 
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How to become a professional microblading practitioner?

Every girl is vigilant about her looks. At a very tender age, girls start playing dress-up which never ends throughout their lifetime, the entire feminine community is on a par with each other when looks and their beautification is considered. They are those contributors to human race who are constantly striving for perfection as per their beauty standards. From head to toe, everything needs to be perfect and flawless for every woman and face is the most important element in delineating beauty.

Starting from a thick hairline, perfectly crafted eyebrows, impressive eyes, an ideal nose which is harmonious with other facial features, the cupids bow, Goldilocks’ lips for a perfect pout and well-defined cheekbones and jawline are the salient features against which beauty standards are formulated.

Some are naturally gifted with such beauty defining features while others opt for various cosmetic treatments and surgeries to get that flawless look.

In past, there were no means to make the eyebrows look fuller besides applying kohl, neither there was a technique to shape them up except for the manual threading which is a painful procedure and not recommended by doctors because of the health risk of virus and staph infections due to dirty threads and unhygienic conditions. But with the technological advancements, we have developed the technique of eyebrow tattooing and World Microblading professionals have taken it to a higher pedestal.

Microblading procedure is carried out with an electric hand tool or a manual tool which enhances the eyebrows with a semi-permanent tattoo which is designed by tiny needles that deposit pigments on the skin and gives realistic results.

Before you pick microblading as a medium for enhancing your eyebrows, you need to consider certain aspects like:

-How microblading works.

-Pros and cons of microblading.

-Slecting certified cosmetic tattoo specialist.

-Price of the entire procedure and the duration required to complete it.

-Aftercare routine.

Microblading can last from 12 months to 3 years depending on the quality of pigment used, though you may require a touch-up every month.

World microblading Academy is the best choice when you desire for perfectly crafted eyebrows and financial independence. Yes, you got it right; you can get their service and get yourself trained to serve others by learning the art of microblading and becoming a professional microblading practitioner.

Valuable guidance is given in their 3 days basic level and 5 days intensive training programs which provide live models to practice on and does not require any graduate degree or previous experience required for tattooing. The Academy conducts coaching programs in all the major cities of United States which can be booked online from their website Worldmicroblading.com.

Learning a new skill and empowering yourself with it was never so easy, but the founder of world microblading Academy has made it true by running these crash courses and giving women great career opportunities and a promising future where beauty is captivated by stashing away the salon visits along with financial stability and self-confidence. Join the Academy today and be the master of your own world!

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Functionality of Eyebrows By World Microblading Academy.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that innocent and charming faces enthrall our hearts, this justifies the statement “Love at first sight". The human face is gifted with the ability to be expressive, it images our thought process and it is considered to be the mirror of our mind. It plays an important role in non-verbal communication where we can convey our message solely by expressions.

Eyes are the most distinctive and expressive feature of one's face. Women make men swoon over their beauty with just a look through their hypnotic eyes; many are naturally blessed with an adorable pair of eyes while others highlight them and make them appealing through various cosmetic aids. Women are praised many times in songs and poems for the mesmerizing look of their eyes which captivates the heart of the observer. A Smile is depicted in the eyes because they sparkle as we smile.

Have you ever wondered about the role of brows lying on the lower margin of superciliary arches and just above the eye sockets? Many of us might be unaware about the role these eyebrows play among all the other facial features.

Few aspects are highlighted below that manifest the functionality of eyebrows:

  1. Protection: - They protect the eyes in a similar manner like the eyelashes from sweat, water drops and specks of dust in the air which gets caught in the eyebrows as they are positioned on the roof of the eye sockets.

  2. Facial expression: - Eyebrows are used for expressing many human emotions like anger, a startle response, fear, deception, appreciation and signaling a mood change.

  3. Communication: - Eyebrows play an important role in non-verbal communication since they are the modes of facial expressions. With just one move of the eyebrows, a person can instigate or dissuade the other.

  4. Identification: - It is concluded by the researchers that people without eyebrows are less recognizable and absence of eyebrows depicts a completely different face profile.

It’s extremely important to take good care of this expressive feature, some people are naturally gifted with a perfect brow shape while others have to struggle to get that flawless curve. Technological advancements in the fashion world have introduced the concept of EyeBrowsMicroblading, a technique that draws semi-permanent tattoo with the help of tiny needles to deposit the pigment and create a natural looking eyebrow. Professionals at WorldMicroblading present you with the perfect blend of artistic talent and specialized technique which will make you stop worrying about your eyebrows and enhance their beauty. The entire microblading procedure requires a couple of hours to complete and the cost may range from $450 to $800 (USD), besides this you might need a touch up every month and you are ready to sparkle your beauty. An aftercare routine is recommended by the professionals.

It is an ecstatic feeling when people around you adore your beauty while you stash away your salon visits, so why not pamper yourself with well-crafted eyebrows by being a part of the World Microblading Academy.

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Blessing of Empowerment By Worldmicroblading Academy!

No one can deny the wonders created because of women empowerment in this modern civilization. Women empowerment makes a woman financially independent along with a significant increase in their confidence and self worth in the society we reside in. If a woman is educated, her knowledge and skills will be passed on to her future generations, so education and empowerment of women's leads to the education and empowerment of future generations.

It is extremely important that every individual is given a complete freedom to chase their own dreams and take their life decisions independently. This will reveal their hidden talent and true identity. Women's have actively taken roles in the corporate world as well as the private sector jobs. Even the home makers or stay at home moms have started making money online which helps them to be more productive and rewarding them with an increased self worth.

Most of the time home makers or stay at home moms are accused by the society for staying at home for their children’s proper upbringing and absolutely doing nothing productive for a better society. The society also believes they have ample of leisure and gala time staying back home but, these women are multitalented individuals who possess the greatest potential and when given an opportunity they can prove themselves and their worth by simply staying in their comfort zone.

It is rightly said that education, skills and dedication can work wonders for those who possess them. The founder of World microblading Academy is a living example of empowerment and an icon in the entrepreneurial world. She has started her career from scratch and build her own empire with the specialized skills she possesses. She is one of those successful professional tattooing experts who gives coaching personally in her academy and builds a lifelong relationship with her students.

Why it is easy to be a part of this Academy and enroll in the microblading courses? The answer lies below:-

-No degree or educational qualifications required:  To be a part of it you don’t need to be a graduate or hold and certifications.

-No previous experience required: A complete novice can enroll in the crash course or other training programs. This serves beneficial to those who haven't been working in the corporate world.

-Real time coaching sessions: Coaching’s are given on a major scale throughout United States. They keep conducting regular crash courses in all the major cities.

-Training giving by America's top trained tattoo artists: They have a team of top certified and experienced trainers who have an expertise in their field.

-Hands on training on live models: 3 live models are allotted for each trainee in the assistance of an expert during their course

-Techniques to remove old tattoo and maintenance of the current one.

-A crash course of 5 days consisting of basic and intensive level.

-Lifelong guidance regarding aftercare and lifetime certification provided.

Thus, Worldmicroblading is a revolution that aims at women empowerment by earning handsome income through their valuable guidance and experience to become an expert in the tattooing profession.

So join them today and enjoy the blessing of empowerment!

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Want an Exciting and Lucrative Career? How About Eyebrows Microblading?

Have you ever considered a career in the beauty industry?  Are you already working in the beauty industry but you want to increase your income and build wealth?  Do you love helping people feel better about themselves? If this sounds like you Eyebrows Microblading may be the way you can achieve your goals.  At our Microblading Academy we offer the most advanced and developed methods of Eyebrows Microblading in the world.  


First, let’s talk about what microblading is all about.  Eyebrows Microblading is a method of using very small blades to insert pigment under the skin that results in a semi-permanent tattooed eyebrow.  The process needs to be redone every 1 to 2 years depending on skin pigmentation and other factors. Here at our Microblading Academy we teach our students the very latest and cutting edge method of microblading.  You will learn how to use the dual-blade method of microblading that has been invented and perfected by world renown microblading innovator and founder of World Microblading, Irina Chen.  


So why should you choose World Microblading to learn this exciting and lucrative method of eyebrow enhancement?  Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose us for your Microblading Training.

  • It is the very best method of eyebrow enhancement.  Microblading is second to none when it comes to the available methods of eyebrow enhancement.


  • We teach you the most advanced techniques and cutting edge techniques.  Using techniques that can only be described as cutting edge, microblading gives you a skill that will separate you from the rest.  You will learn the dual-blade method which is the very best method of eyebrow enhancement.


  • We teach you a very lucrative trade.  Not only is microblading the most effective method it also is one of the most lucrative.  There is little overhead in doing the procedure itself, which allows you to profit straight from your skill.  Generally, clients pay around $800 to have this done and most microblading practitioners can do at least two clients a day.  That kind of profit can compound quickly.


  • It empowers people and helps people feel better about themselves.  It is a great way to help people feel better about themselves.  There are many women who have self-image problems and insecurities about the way their eyebrows look.  What’s better than getting paid to boost someone’s self-esteem and make people feel great about themselves?

What is our Microblading Training like?  Well, it is second to none.  With our Microblading Training, you will have the experience of a lifetime.  You will learn this exciting technique while at the same having a great time doing it.  Our team of the best trainers in the industry is excited to teach you this cutting edge method.  You will learn Irena Chan’s dual blade method for microblading. Her methods are considered to be at the very top of the industry.

Convinced yet?  You should be. What more could you ask for from a career than to help people feel better about themselves, make lots of money and practice the most exciting and advanced techniques in your field?  This is why you should sign up for our Microblading Academy today.

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Looking for Microblading Supplies? Quality Products Can Make You Successful

Eyebrows microblading is taking the beauty industry by storm.  This exciting method of eyebrow enhancement is spurring women all over the world to have the procedure performed on their eyebrows.  Not only are customers lining up to have the procedure done, beauty industry professionals are learning this revolutionary eyebrow enhancement method.  Microblading may be the fastest growing sector of beauty professionals in the industry.

As the popularity of this cutting-edge method continues to grow, more and more people are going to be in the market for the microblading supplies and microblading tools that are needed to perform this procedure.  Here at World Microblading, we offer not only training, classes, and courses but also microblading tools and microblading supplies.   

If you are a microblading technician you are going to need to stock up on the supplies that will make you successful.  You will need to stock up on microblading supplies including:


  • Blades/Needles:  Using premium blades and needles will ensure that you are successful in your microblading career.  Blades and needles are the most important microblading tools that you will use. Using high-quality, sterile blades that are designed to prevent skin damage is paramount to your success.


  • Pigmentation:  Using a high-quality pigment is of utmost importance for a successful microblading professional.  As well as using high-quality pigment, you should also use premium pigment diluter solution.


  • Numbing Cream:  Numbing cream is used on your clients to numb the area of their eyebrows.  This is designed to offer the client minimal discomfort during the procedure of eyebrows microblading.  Using a high-quality numbing agent is very important as it will directly affect your clients. By using a high-quality numbing agent, you ensure that your clients will have a pain-free experience.


  • Hand Tool Holder:  A hand tool holder is designed to fit the microblading blades/needles.  Using a high-quality holder will allow you to have the best control of your blades as you perform the procedure.  The best are made from stainless steel, are lightweight and are knurled for grip.


  • Drawing pencil:  Using a good drawing pencil will help you do the best job possible.  Drawing pencils are used to lay out the shape and form of the eyebrows before beginning the microblading process.  It gives an outline to go by as you perform the microblading.


  • Accessories:  There are many other supplies that you will need to be successful.  This includes face masks, disposable sticky rulers, barrier cream, barrier film roll, aftercare serum, aprons, saline paste and much more.


Here at World Microblading, we offer all the microblading supplies and microblading tools you may need to be successful in your career.  Our products are premium high-quality products and you will not find better tools and supplies anywhere.  It is paramount to your success as a microblading professional that you only use the highest quality tools and supplies.  This can be one of the keys to having a successful microblading career.


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Why Microblading is the next big thing in the beauty industry…

Women go to great heights to correct and better their facial and body features. While most of these may be risky and not deliver the expected results even though they cost a bomb, some worthwhile ones are truly worth the time, money and effort spent. Microblading is one such facial enhancer – this is an art of using multiple fine strokes to create a design like eyebrows and give the visual of a fuller brow. Sparse eyebrows make a person conscious and are also linked to lower self-esteem in many cases. Today, a lot of people recognize this and thus, microblading is one of the most popular beauty treatments today.

While the technique or better called “art” (due to the skills and precision required to form natural-looking brows) originated quite some time back, it was only in recent years that more people started looking at it as a beauty service that people will opt for. This aspect lead to the starting of microblading as a trend and so many other even started training and teaching to get better and more professional. Today, World Microblading is one of the best academies across the globe to learn the skill, get the treatment for yourself or simply take a course or two to see if it really is your thing. Credited with discovering the “6d Hyper Realistic Eyebrows with New Dual Blade Method Accredited Worldwide Trainingthis one is the brain-child of world-renowned microblading artist Irina Chen who is known to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem creating perfect, natural-looking eyebrows. With a goal to “create the thinnest strokes for the most realistic results” Irina along with her team vouches to go beyond the ordinary to truly capture the core essence of shaping brows in the best possible manner using the most refined methods and tools.This Microblading academy was created by Irina Chen, a permanent makeup trainer & artist who also introduced the “Dual Blade Method.” Along with Irina, World Microblading Academy also boasts of a plethora of some of the most refined trainers and professionals in the industry such as Dumitrescu Laura, Simone Ashley, Madeline O’Rhodes, Nina Chukes, Carmen Lopez, Tedi Atanassov, Eli Anki, Brittany Flesher, Erin Moore and Sherri Tse.

With microblading, the results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on different factors affecting the procedure. As per the statistics from World Microblading, The average procedure costs between $450 and $800 (USD) and takes two hours to complete. So $400 (USD) per hour really is achievable as a microblading technician. Any microblading technician can treat at least 1 client per day (or 20 a month). That’s $16,000 (USD) in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools (20 x $25), leaving profits of $15,500 per month before overheads and taxes.

The academy also offers microblading training to those who are passionate about learning the procedure. The microblading training usually comprises of a number of different classes along with their schedules also mentioned on the website. Although it is not difficult to become a professional, it does take a fair bit of time, effort and tons of practice to do it right. Only once a certificate is issued to you will you be able to work with real clients. World Microblading also gives students the opportunity to practice on real people during the training. Along with regular microblading training, the academy also specializes in teaching the dual blade method, tattoo correction, offers lifetime support along with before and after-class pictures.


Today World Microblading is an award-winning microblading academy and training center. So if you are looking for Microblading Classes Courses or Microblading Academy, contact us now.

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Microblading Academy | USA | World Microblading

Looking for a new career? There’s a new method to eyebrow shaping—and Microblading Academy USA has perfected the design. To know More Visit this Page.